What we provide

1. Therapeutic Community Modality

2. Total Staff Collaboration

a.Regular Meeting to discuss process issues
b.Acquisition of leadership skills
c.Clear lines of authority & role expectation
d.Training program
e.Total team participation in decision making
f.Prompt expression of support, empathy & concern by the leadership

3. Intervention Program Planning Services

1. Psychiatric Services

a. Determine amenability for admission Conducts assessment to determine the presnce and/or sbsence of psychopathology that can affect the rehabilitation process Identifies  potential family or environmental factors that can affect the process of integration
b. Formulate and implement programs Anger Management Coping skills Training on Relapse prevention Stress Management
c. Direct monitoring of residents on psychotropic medications
d. Provides in-service education conferences for the center staff to include Early Childhood Development, Violence and Aggression, Stress Management, Behavior Modification and many other
e. Conduct direct case consultation with team members
f. Does consultative consultation
g. Monitors and provides supervision to ensure proper implementation of different programs

2. Medical Services

a. Nursing Services Provision /Treatment and follow-up illness diagnostic procedures; CBC, Urinalysis, Fecalysis, Sputum Examination & other laboratories Administer medicine as prescribed by the physician Provides counseling to patients Assist the physician in the treatment process
b. Psychologist Administer & evaluate psychological test Conducts therapeutic activities; coping skills, relapse prevention, anger management, 12 steps, stress management Conducts interview to appraise their personality structures Gives lectures on understanding the behavior of the resident
c. Nutritionist Conducts weight and height measurement, diet counseling, health education dietary prescription Menu planning Food preparation/production Segregations and distributions of food supplies

3. Social Services

a. Intake interview / Data gathering
b. Prepares of Social Case Study Report
c. Home / Institution & Community Visitation
d. Family psychotherapy / Family Session / Dialogue / Consultation
e. Individual & group psychotherapy
f. Group dynamics
g. Facilitate client during court hearing / attends court hearing
h. Submits reports to court & to other agencies
i. Case Management System
j. Conducts case conferences & evaluation

4. HomeLife Services 

a. Incharge of daily structured activities & performance of residents
b. Provides/monitor basic needs of clients (food & proper nutrition, tolietries and bedings)
c. Monitor/provides/facilitate spiritual/religious activities (bible study, scripture reading, seminars and retreat)
d. Monitor sports and recreation activites, activites (sports fest activities, sing & dance lesson, artistic work activities, sports clinic)
e. Monitors / Supervises the total well being of clients

5. Educational / Vocational Services

a. Facilitates / conducts Non-formal Education ( ALS)
b. Vocational and Practical Arts Training
c. Facilitates / conducts Skills training / Enhancement
d. Facilitates / conducts Educational Tours / Field Trip

6. Spiritual and Religious Services

a. Attendance to Religious Services (Holy Mass)
b. Bible study & Scripture Reading
c. Religious Seminar
d. Retreat

 7. Sports and Recreation Services

a. Sports Fest
b. Sing and Dance Activities (Painting, Drawing)
c. Audio and Video entertainment
d. Attendance to sports Clinic

 8. Referral Services

a. Drug Testing Center
b. Medical Center
c. Other Rehabilitation Facilities
d. Psychaitric Facilities
e. Schools
f. After-care & follow-up servises

9. Placement Services

a. Referral to appropriate agencies
b. Assessment

1. Voluntary Confinement for Drug Dependents (male & female adult/18 yrs and obove)

a. Temporary confinement order issued by the Parole and Probation Administration ( ground floor Hall of Justice )
a.1 Apply to the DDB or its duly recognized representative – PPA
a.2 PPA refer the client to DOH Accredited Physician for Drug Dependency Examination
a.3 Temporary Commitment/confinement Order ( TCO )
b. Court Order issued by the Presiding Judge (Special Proceedings)
c. Residence of Davao city
d. Drug Test Result
e. A minimum of six (6) months and a maximum of one (1) year depending upon the progress of the performance and capability of client’s family in providing full support upon client’s eventual discharge from the center

2. Voluntary Confinement for Alcohol Dependent(male & female adult/18yrs & above)

a. Social Case Study report prepared by CSSDO District Social Worker
b. Residence of Davao city
c. Endorsement from the Office of the City Mayor
d. A minimum of six (6) months and a maximum of one (1) year depending upon the progress of performance of the client and the capability of client’s familty in providing full support upon client’s eventual discharge from the center

3. Compulsory Confinement ( Apprehended by the elements of Lay Enforcers and was charge for violation of RA 916 ) Male & female adult 18 years old & above

a. Court order issued by the Presiding Judge
b. A minimum of six (6) months and a maximum of one (1) year depending upon his/her progress and performance of the residents
c. Report ot DOH for after Care Services Program for one (1) year & half (1/2) years depending upon his/her performance
d. Re-commitment to rehabilitation if found un-participative and after given advices and chances & yet positive to drug during random drug test

4. Minor Voluntary Confinement ( Drug Dependents, Solvent Abuser ) – Male & female senten (17) years and below

a. Social Case Study Report prepared by the CSSDO District Social worker
b. Endorsement from the office of the City Mayor
c. Residents of Davao City
d. Birth Certificate
e. Discharge will depend on the progress of his/her performance and maturity and readiness of the family
f. Report to CSSDO for After Care Service Porgram

5. Minor Compulsory Confinement ( Apprehended by the Law Enforcers and was charge for violation of RA 9165 )

a. Court Order issued by the Presiding Judge
b. Social Case Study
c. Residence of Davao city / apprehended inside Davao city
d. Birth Certificate
e. Minor residents who have pending cases in courty the discharge will depend on the progress of the case and his/her performance

  • Free of Charge c/o LGU

  • Alcoholic and Drug Dependents / Abusers
  • Solvent Abusers