The Davao City Treatment and Rehabilitation Center for Drug Dependents is a residential facility and is 16.7kms away from the buzz ling noises of city life & is 1.2 hectares located in Barangay Bago Oshiro, Tugbok District, Davao City. The place offers an ambiance of silence, solemnity and soberness as manifested by its lush surroundings adorned with fruit bearing trees, flowers and other ornamentals. The blend with nature, man-made structures such as, ponds, fountains, tree house and kiosk are built not as decorative but those that are with therapeutic use. Covered court and sports equipment are also made available as complement to its sports and recreation program. In addition, the center boasts of its modern and state of the art facilities which include among others a chapel, music room and counseling room. This is truly an ideal place for physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual rehabilitation.                 Residential treatment and rehabilitation center (In-patient center) is a health facility that provides comprehensive rehabilitation services. Utilizing, among others, any accepted modalities: Multidisciplinary team approach, therapeutic community approach and/ or spiritual services towards the rehabilitation of a drug dependents. It provides twenty-four (24) hour rehabilitation services which are provided by an interdisciplinary staff. Clientele are male and female, minor and adult, drug/substance dependents and non-psychotic cases with court orders who were apprehended and voluntarily submitting themselves for rehabilitation.


A Treatment & Rehabilitation Center equipped with a system that embody Therapeutic Community Modality, complete with quality treatment programs, implemented & monitored by an efficient personnel driven by a common desire to promote recovery & social re-integration.


We commit ourselves to effectively treat and rehabilitate with dignity and respect all drug dependents in Davao City and help them reintegrate into society as empowered, productive, drug free and God-fearing citizens through a Comprehensive Adolescent Health and Development Framework and highly responsive and accepted Treatment and Rehabilitation Modalities/Approaches.


To transform drug dependents into drug-free individuals adjusted to their families and peers and reintegrate into the community to live a happy, useful and productive life. To be actively involved in the City’s collective effort in solving the drug problem thereby bringing peace and development in the city.


  1. To assist the client to be drug-free.
  2. To enable the client to become socially reintegrated in the community.
  3. To encourage the client to be involve in productive and constructive activities.
  4. To provide psychosocial and medical services for the development of a mature and responsible citizenry.
  5. To establish a supportive community of friends and peers within the center and make it a dynamic experience and learning environment.
  6. To facilitate disposition of the case in court and integration with family and community.
  7. To provide protection and substitute parental care to the drug dependents.