The Rehabilitation Center for Drug Dependents (RCDD), a pioneering initiative of DSWD RO XI with the support of the Regional Council for Welfare of Children & Youth (RCWCY), the City Government of Davao and other non-government organization was established on May 23, 1985.

In more than a decade of program operations, the center has served a significant numbers of clientele/beneficiaries specifically the male drug and chemical abuser/dependents and non-psychotic cases ages 12 – 25 years old.

The City Government of Davao and the Department of Social Welfare and Development RO XI entered into a Memorandum of Agreement last June 11, 2001, such MOA provided for the policies, guidelines, terms and conditions of the transfer of operation and maintenance of the Rehabilitation Center for Drug Dependents and now called as Davao City Treatment and Rehabilitation Center for Drug Dependents (DCTRCDD).

Pursuant to the Memorandum of Agreement of June 11, 2001, the City Government of Davao is now responsible of the operation and maintenance of the center. It shall plan, design, implement and evaluate treatment and rehabilitation program for drug dependents in Davao City.

A total of Twelve (12) Million Pesos has been invested by the City Government through Mayor Rodrigo R. Duterte to construct new facilities and renovate existing structures and thus make Davaoenos feel that the local  government of Davao is serious in its campaign for a drug-free city in the near future.


A Treatment & Rehabilitation Center equipped with a system that embody Therapeutic Community Modality, complete with quality treatment programs, implemented & monitored by an efficient personnel driven by a common desire to promote recovery & social re-integration.


We commit ourselves to effectively treat and rehabilitate with dignity and respect all drug dependents in Davao City and help them reintegrate into society as empowered, productive, drug free and God-fearing citizens through a Comprehensive Adolescent Health and Development Framework and highly responsive and accepted Treatment and Rehabilitation Modalities/Approaches.


To transform drug dependents into drug-free individuals adjusted to their families and peers and reintegrate into the community to live a happy, useful and productive life. To be actively involved in the City’s collective effort in solving the drug problem thereby bringing peace and development in the city.


  1. To assist the client to be drug-free.
  2. To enable the client to become socially reintegrated in the community.
  3. To encourage the client to be involve in productive and constructive activities.
  4. To provide psychosocial and medical services for the development of a mature and responsible citizenry.
  5. To establish a supportive community of friends and peers within the center and make it a dynamic experience and learning environment.
  6. To facilitate disposition of the case in court and integration with family and community.
  7. To provide protection and substitute parental care to the drug dependents.